what’s the buzz with google buzz?

google buzz just got enabled on my gmail! is yours enabled already too?

i still don’t know much about all the features of google buzz, but i can say that it’s pretty similar with facebook’s live feed (now labeled most recent), posting status updates, sharing photos, videos, comments, and more.

view my very first buzz here.

to learn more about the new gimmick from google, visit their buzz page, or watch the google buzz video in youtube.

makes me wonder, is this going to be rolled out to gmail on google apps too? will a lot of people use this? will facebook users divert to google buzz?

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installing alfresco 3.2r2 on ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala

had some free time on my hands and thought i’d use it to practice more on linux and stuff. so, here i’m going to share what i did to have alfresco up and running. it’s pretty straightforward actually.

first off, alfresco requirements:

  • alfresco installation files with pre-configured tomcat bundle
  • sun java jdk (jdk6 required)
  • mysql database server

the requirements i listed above are the least, which means you can get alfresco up and running by having only those three. also note that i did this on a fresh ubuntu installation.

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a year in between

latest entry in the archives: march 2009. newest entry: february 2010.

shane? where have you been? it’s been almost a year in between posts! that’s a pretty long hiatus, don’t you think?

well, been too busy at work. same old alibi ey? yeah, it’s true. believe me for once. :P got my hands full, especially when the development manager left. i was his “junior” sysad. so, when he left, all his responsibilities on the administration department was now on my shoulder. been half a year since i think.

aside from not having my own computer and internet at home, couldn’t really write something after work hours simply because i was already tired needed to get home to rest. it’s only been last november 2009 that i got my own desktop and internet connection at home. so, now that i’ve adjusted, i’m blogging away!

so what’s new?

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information overload

it’s been a while. how long has it been?

more than a month? ahh yes, more than a month again with no updates.

why? (thinking of another alibi) well, i’ve been busy. it has been more than a month since i started at my new job and i never really had the chance to write a post. yup. even though i’m in front of a computer for about not less than 40 hours a week, i didn’t had the chance to start a new post, not even a draft. a very hectic schedule, it is.

it’s a new environment, so i needed to catch up with how things work in my new company. in my first week, i started off with drupal. i had a crash course on how drupal works, basic content management, the drupal structure, it’s themes and many more. it’s a good thing that i’m already used to using wordpress. they are somewhat similar. but still, since the approach in making the site is way different, i did have a hard time.

the first few weeks was really focused on drupal, and some minor systems administration tasks that needs to be done in between tasks in drupal. i also had some taste of c# last week, jumping right into intermediate to complex programming, which i had no real experience yet. but it was fun. and looks like this following week, i will again be back in the coding domain, c# still.

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don’t say goodbye, say goodnight

it’s your last week on your current job. what would you feel?

mixed emotions? part of you still wants to stay, and another part of you feels it’s time to leave? that’s what i’m feeling right now. that’s what my other teammate also said during his last days with the team.

it’s never really easy to say goodbye. especially to those you’ve come to know for more than a year, to those you’ve considered ‘tropa/barkada‘, to those whom you can share fun and at the same time problems with, to those you’ve considered as part of your extended family.

this team, the grad team especially the americas (night shift), is to be considered as my extended family here in manila. i may have some relatives here, distant relatives perhaps, but i’ve never really been with them. all i had last june 2007, when i first came to manila was my old man and my godparents who live several floors above us.

but what’s done is done. i have to leave. there’s no turning back. all i hope is that my colleagues, my teammates would also treasure the moments they shared with me ‘coz i do. i’ll definitely miss the fun, the laughter, the sessions we call ’1 bottle’, which eventually leads to 2 or more. ;)

anyway, this just crossed my mind but guys, what do think about ‘despedida‘ celebrations? who should be the one to shoulder the expenses?

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yet another reboot, just in time before my career shift.

yes, you heard it right. it’s not just a transfer to another team, but i’ll be leaving my current employer. i’ve already tendered my resignation last december and it’ll be effective next week. you may ask why, why leave now amidst the crisis in our country and around the world?

experience. i feel i’m not growing anymore. i’m still learning new things but i feel like i need something more concrete. i’ve already turned away from what i had finished in college, and been pulled into the world of information technology, the internet. way back in college, my friends would always ask me why i didn’t choose to be under the computer science department since they find me good at computer stuff. and now, i’m also asking myself the same question. but i have no regrets. i learned a lot from my course and it has broadened my knowledge.

the new work will be a challenge. a great one. my job description says i’ll be a developer, and i’ve no strong background in programming languages unlike those people who studied a language since their first day in college. i was able to learn them little by little through self study and that’s what i’m counting on for this new challenge. it will be to test my capacity to learn at a high pace.

another year has passed. 2008 was not a blogging year for me, but i hope 2009 will be.


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